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Thank you for visiting our website; please take a moment to explore and discover the range of services and goods we offer. While our workshop specialises in high-end collision repair, we also provide diverse services, including furniture spraying and interior and exterior car detailing. Additionally, we excel in car smash repairs in Singleton.

With over 30 years of industry knowledge, we strive to assist our customers in most cases. We actively support the search for alternatives if we cannot provide a solution.

Our services encompass all insurance accident repairs, bumper touch-ups, resprays, furniture painting, chassis straightening, welding, plastic and fibreglass repairs, general body repairs, motorbike crash repairs, complete autobody crash repair and all forms of vehicle towing.

We do everything with cars, motorcycles, and trucks!

  • Car Repairs
  • Our team's extensive expertise and knowledge in the field enables us to provide seamless car smash repair services in Singleton and its surrounding areas. From Gowrie and Wattle Ponds to Hunterview, we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional results that will truly transform and enhance the condition of your vehicle.

  • Truck & Motorcycle Repairs
  • Experience a client-focused strategy that quickly eliminates any tech issues, electrical issues, part issues, rust, paint, erosion, and surface coatings with motorcycles or trucks.

  • All Kinds of Servicing
  • Indeed, your vehicle can need a minor service, primary service, or logbook servicing at any time. We have all three kinds served, and our specialists serve them carefully.

    About Adamthwaite

    The Adamthwaite team boasts collective industry expertise and experience that exceeds three decades. We are not merely car damage repairs specialists; we are experts in revitalising your trucks and motorcycles - an overall autobody crash repair service, ensuring they appear as good as new. Our proficiency extends to Singleton and the surrounding areas of Gowrie, Wattle Ponds, and Hunterview.

    Why Choose Us

    Have You Been In An Accident? Don't Worry - We'll Take Care of Everything!


    Managing The Claim Process

    Claiming insurance with ease at Adamthwaite Crash Repair


    Pick-up And Delivery of Your Car

    We provide pick-up & delivery service at your location


    24/7 Towing Service

    Complete towing service throughout the day and night


    A Replacement Car

    We even provide a replacement car as an alternate

    Contact Us!

    02 6572 3932

    If your vehicle smashed or crashed, call us or schedule an appointment. We will get in touch with you shortly to know what damages have occurred to your car and will schedule an appointment. Call us today!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Absolutely! We have your back for speedy car smash repairs in Singleton, Gowrie, Wattle Ponds, and Hunterview. Drive over, and let us get that off-road warrior back in action!

    With our extensive experience, we will handle the paperwork and ensure a smooth process for your insurance claim, giving you peace of mind.

    It's advised not to wait! Let us identify and address any issues, big or small, before they escalate.

    Car repairs are crucial for safe driving, ensuring driver and passenger safety. If your vehicle requires a fresh start, it deserves this attention.

    There is no rocket science here, just top-notch repairs! From light to medium to heavy vehicles, our tech wizards have the tools to handle all kinds of smashes or crashes.

    Need your vehicle towed quickly? Call Us Now!