2-Pack Pan Baking Spray Booth

Adamthwaite Crash Repair has the most up-to-date technologies to ensure that all automobiles are painted to perfection. We have qualified spray painter tradesmen on staff, as well as a well-equipped workshop to handle all of your bespoke paint needs for your vehicle. Our painters can confidently achieve high-quality professional finishes on all vehicles that come through the workshop because of the specialised equipment available and continual training.

Spray bake ovens and a pan spray booth are available in our workshop. In the workshop, infrared curing technology is also used, allowing automobiles to be cured in the same way as car manufacturers do, with a flawless gloss exterior. The method uses short-wave technology to cure the vehicle's surface down to the base metal.

Colour matching with a spectrometer, surface preparation, applying the undercoat, painting the vehicle, and lastly drying the vehicle are all processes in the painting process that takes place in our preparation bays, spray booths, and bake ovens.