Easy Straight Body Aligning System

At Adamthwaite Crash Repair, we offer a straight body aligning system for crash cars, bikes and mini trucks at our well-equipped workshop. Here is why body aligning is necessary for a smashed car:

Rugged Construction

The straight body alignment system has been engineered to withstand the most intense pulling strains; this is accomplished by using the most durable materials available to ensure that its performance is maintained over time.


A versatile bench, ideal for small and big vehicles and quick repairs, can handle simple damage to the most sophisticated vehicle reconstruction procedures within the collision repair facility. It's also well-suited to intricate automotive repairs requiring high-quality workmanship.

360° Pulling Column

The flexibility to rotate and attach the pulling column to several mounting places on the bench makes structural work easier, and each mounting station automatically locks into place.


The bench can be readily moved to different bays inside the collision repair facility thanks to the four removable wheels that can be connected to The ends of the bench (5m bench).

Ease And Efficiency

The loading and unloading of the vehicle may be done easily and quickly by combining a lift with a capacity of 5,000 kg and a maximum height of 1.6 metres (1 metre for an om bench), as well as a ramp and platform kit.